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About us

Created in 2019, we are a website dedicated to teaching people tech online for free. We have a variety of courses ranging from coding such as Java, Python and C# to things such as physical hardware. We are also developing a VPN so everyone (including you) can regain your privacy online.

Coding Courses

Java courses

Java is the world's most popular programming language. It is extremely powerful and can be used for many things including but not limited to command-line apps, desktop apps, mobile apps (using Android Studio), and more.

C# courses

C# is a programming language made by Microsoft. It is well-known for its ability to make Windows Forms Apps, but it can also be used for CLI apps, Web Apps, managing databases, and more. In this course, we will be covering how to make apps with them.

Python courses

Python is a simple interpreted programming language that is lightweight. It is easy to learn becuase of its syntax but at the same time, very powerful. It is also the programming language that pays the most as a career. However, its syntax is very different from the other main ones such as C# and Java.

Course suggestions

At, we are always open to new suggestions. If you want to learn something that's not on our website, simply send us an email at and we will be more than happy to try to create the course. You will hear back from us within 48 hours.

Hardware Courses